Bibliotheca: A New Kind of Bible

34fb575c62d581abe2984a3a70341386_largeAdam Lewis Greene is fast becoming a superhero to Bible aficionados because of his new project, Bibliotheca.  I realize that “everyone” is talking about this.  The last thing I want is to add din to the chatter, but I can’t help but write because I want this to be as widely known as possible.

The project is simply stunning, and there is loads of enthusiasm already surrounding it.  Simply put, it’s a 4-volume Bible that looks and reads like a set of novels with a custom designed font and typesetting…like the new ESV Reader’s Bible by Crossway, but on speed and with even more attention to detail.  Check out the video:

The project only needed $37,000 to actualize, but to date it’s at nearly $130,000 with 22 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign! Even though the translation he’s using isn’t ideal in my opinion, people are still going crazy over it because the concept is so unique and overdue!  There are many “rewards options” on the Kickstarter page.  You can pledge a meager $25 and receive only the New Testament volume, which is what I currently plan 19212b208caa37861be1258aa1be2146_largeto do.  You can pledge $75 and receive all four volumes — not a bad deal at all, and if my budget were conducive I would go for it.  Or you can pledge more and get different rewards options, including multiple copies, Greene’s artwork, a library stamp and a walnut slipcase (see photo).

Even if you don’t love the ASV-YLT translation idea, this definitely is a project to get behind.  If it continues to fare well, there is a better chance of an afterlife beyond the Kickstarter campaign, and such an afterlife could include other translations.  But as it is, there is no guarantee, and a pledge right now is your only guaranteed way to secure a copy.

I wanted to make you aware if you weren’t already, with hopes that you will become a backer and then disseminate the news in your network!

J. Mark Bertrand interviews Adam Lewis Greene on BIble Design Blog:  Part 1, Part 2.



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