R. L. Allan KJV Longprimer in Grey Goatskin (#53DG)


This has got to be the fastest shipping from London to Minnesota ever!  Today I received my Limited Edition Dark Grey copy of the the KJV Longprimer, or affectionately known as #53.I am not writing a full review here, as I’ve done for other editions.  I’ll just highlight some key standout features of the Longprimer in general and the #53DG in particular, then I’ll give you some photos…

  • 10 point bold font with 11 point leading.  The font on the Longprimer is truly in a class by itself, and it pops off the opaque India paper to make for a eminently readable Bible.
  • Full yapp.  The Longprimer set the standard here.
  • Art-gilding.  In the black (#53), brown (#53BR), and red (#53R) editions, it is red-under-gold.  In the navy (#53NB), it is blue-under-gold.
  • Double gilt line.
  • Full leather linings.
  • Highland Goatskin cover.

Those are features of all the other goatskin Longprimers.  Here’s what is unique about the Limited Edition #53DG:

  • Blue-under-silver art gilding.  Wowza!
  • Unique ribbon colors– two grey and one purple.  Wowza!!
  • Unique leather lining material, lambskin, and color, purple.  Wowza!!!
  • This one is not Highland Goatskin, as the others, but rather just “Goatskin” (probably meaning it doesn’t come from the Nigerian highlands, as with the others).  It looks different (a more regular, pebbly grain; shinier) and feels different (smoother).

P1010139 P1010126 With this color combo, the Limited Edition #53DG Longprimer is regal, elegant, and incredibly beautiful…one of the finest looking Bibles I’ve ever seen.  If you have one on preorder, you’re going to love it!  If not, you may want to look for one on ebay, as the limited run of 50 is entirely sold out!


Many people love the Longprimer.  It is the quintessential Allan classic, the company’s “bread and butter”, and for good reason:  Beautiful fit and finish, highly readable typesetting, and an amazingly useful form factor (9″x6″x1.25″).  The fact that it is two-columns and verse-by-verse rather than paragraphed amount to two strikes against it in my book.  But these very things are what many love about it, and I must admit, it makes for an excellent teaching/preaching layout. If you’re looking for the Grey, you’re outta luck unless they turn up on ebay.  If you’re looking for any of the other four colors, get them before this print run sells out (here or here).

And lest we get lost in leather-bound English-Bible luxury, please remember to pray for translations in the remaining 1,859 Bible-less languages in our world. Click here to see my heart on the matter and to even support the work of Bible translation.

Enjoy these two photo galleries!




13 thoughts on “R. L. Allan KJV Longprimer in Grey Goatskin (#53DG)

  1. It seems in some of the pictures (not only your pictures, others on the web, too) that at times the leather cover looks mossy green. Is that legitimate, or is it strictly grey without any green undertones? Thank you.

      1. Thanks for commenting, Kris! Yes, the 53DG is a beauty. Here are my thoughts: I like the leather better on the 53NB (thicker, grainier), but I like the color combination better on the 53DG. This may rank me as weird, but I don’t like blue art gilding with red ribbons…somehow it looks too patriotic for me! I would like the color combo of the 53NB better if either, a) the gilding were red-under-gold, or b) the ribbons were blue or some other color (the gray and purple ribbons look very nice with the blue gilding, particularly the blue-under-silver). But most people seem to love the 53NB as is, and mine is a very minor quibble!

  2. Yes the 53DG color combo is gorgeous! I see what your saying with the Navy Blue but I do not share your opinion. I do respect it though.
    The ESV is my translation of choice and I love my Cambridge Clarion. But I’ve always want a Long Primer as I love the King James as well.
    Allan makes bibles beautiful do they not?? I really enjoyed this blog. Thank you for posting. And great pictures!!

    1. Hey Kris. My mind has gradually changed and now I agree with you–the 53NB color combo is wonderful! And what did it for me was getting the Allan ESVNC1 in navy, which also has the blue-under-gold gilding and red ribbons. It is nearly perfect. Amazing how time and usage changes perspectives! I’ll have that one up on the blog in the near future too.

      1. Wow you lucky dog!! I would love to have the NB-NC1,but unfortunately I can’t spare the funds right now.I once had the Brown but it was included in a blockbuster trade in which I acquired Calvin’s Complete Commentary set. I still miss it dearly.
        I’m glad the 53NB has grown on you. I absolutely love mine. I also have the Black Goatskin Brevier Clarendon (Allan 5). I’m on a big KJV kick right now. I may spend 2015 in the ole’ Authorized.
        Anyway I look forward to your blog on the NB-NC1. If I ever can get another NC1 that will be the one.

      2. Ok haha… Scratch that. I called and canceled an order from another company before they shipped it so I can get the NB-NC1!!
        So I will have it in a couple days. So excited! The ESV is my favorite translation and it and the 53 will compliment each other perfectly!!
        Now I’m really looking forward to your blog.

  3. Do you know of any websites where people list Allan Bibles other than Ebay. I am trying to find the Allan 53 DG(dream Bible). Any tips you have would be appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hi Amber. I see you already posted on The Bible Exchange on Facebook. Other than that, I don’t know of anywhere to look. Allan will have more copies of the 53 Longprimer soon though (albeit, not in this exact combination). It will be interesting to see exactly what they release, in addition to the predictable black and brown– maybe you’ll like one. I actually think the navy blue looks and feels better than the DG, and I’m suspecting that the next navy Longprimer will have blue-under-silver and silver ribbons. Don’t quote me though 🙂

      1. The NB is my next choice. I would love that color combo. I am excited to see what they do. My husband just got the the Allan 63 in black. It is a gorgeous Bible. Getting these Bibles is our anniversary gift to each other. Thank you for the info, I promise not to quote you. 😜

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