HCSB Large Print Ultrathin Bible in Brown Cowhide Leather


Broadman & Holman has an impressive array of premium Bibles in their “optimally equivalent” translation: The Holman Christian Standard Bible.  In the months ahead, I will review four: The HCSB Large Print Ultrathin (here), the HCSB Giant Print Reference, the HCSB Study Bible, and the HCSB Minister’s Bible.  The Large Print Ultrathin (henceforth LPU) is available at a good price here.



P1010818The brown cowhide on the LPU is extremely attractive.  It has a nice, pronounced pebble grain to it, and it is a pleasant shade of brown (see photo comparison).  The binding style is paste-down and the lining is cardboard-like, quite reminiscent of the Pitt Minion actually. While this doesn’t provide the same flexibility of a leather or polyeurethane-llined binding, it does the job! And the binding is (obviously) sewn, and thus flexible enough to please most of us.  Though LPU lacks some common features of premium Bibles (namely, multiple ribbons and art-gilt) it includes one beautiful feature that is often lacking in many other premium Bibles: raised hubs on the spine.  This combined with the subtle and crisp imprinting makes for a understated and attractive spine.


The dimensions are roughly 9″ x 6″ x 1″, making it quite portable, an ideal form factor in the eyes of this beholder.  Lets find out if its as readable as it is portable!


The LPU features a very readable 10.5 point, sans serif font.  I prefer serif, but others staunchly prefer sans serif, so there you go! While the paper isn’t great, line matching helps mitigate the show through (or “ghosting”).  In some cases, you can get by without line matching because the paper is sufficiently opaque (i.e. Allan’s ESVNC1). The paper on this one allows enough ghosting, however, that without line matching it would be a mess.  As it is, the level of ghosting is tolerable for me, though perhaps not for you. Take a look.


The typesetting is a traditional two column, center column reference Bible with translation notes on the bottom, which is popular for a reason.  Also, the words of Christ are in red, but the red is a good, crisp red (see above).  The HCSB also puts OT quotations in bold (see below).  This is less garish than the 2004 HCSB-isms (if you’ve seen the 2004, you’ll know what I mean!). This 2010 edition is much nicer from a design standpoint.



Top down: LPU, Minister's Bible, Study Bible
Top down: LPU, Minister’s Bible, Study Bible

The LPU has a two column format, like the HCSB Study Bible, but in the LPU the font is 10.5 point sans serif and in the Study Bible looks to be a 9 point serif font.  The HCSB Minister’s Bible, on the other hand, has a plain text single column typesetting with maybe 9 point serif font. Which reads easier? Hard to say.

Minister's (top), Study Bible (left), LPU (right)
Minister’s (top), Study Bible (left), LPU (right)


Study Bible (left) and LPU (right)
Study Bible (left) and LPU (right)
Minister's (top) and LPU (bottom)
Minister’s (top) and LPU (bottom)
Study Bible and Minister's are both edge-lined while LPU is paste-down
Study Bible and Minister’s are both edge-lined while LPU is paste-down


If you preach from the HCSB, this is probably one you should consider. It is classy and attractive Bible on the outside and a eminently readable Bible on the inside. You won’t be disappointed at this price point!

And lest we get lost in leather-bound English-Bible luxury, please remember to pray for translations in the remaining 1,859 Bible-less languages in our world. Click here to see my heart on the matter and to even support the work of Bible translation.

P1010965 P1010964



3 thoughts on “HCSB Large Print Ultrathin Bible in Brown Cowhide Leather

  1. Just wanted to let you know I found this very helpful in ordering this Bible 🙂 I’ve actually referred back to this post several times. I already love the HCSB and have the small compact version to keep in my car/bag; but I wanted a larger one for easier reading/study that was still small enough for travel. This is the first Bible I’ve purchased that it genuine cowhide because I want it to last. Really grateful for reliable and readable! And thanks for making this post and all your pictures; not having many example pictures, (aside from the boxes), is my only complaint with Holman so far!
    Again, very helpful and thanks for taking the time to do it!

  2. HCSB is a translation that I am really enjoying. As to the feeling of this Bible, it is my favorite; even more than goatskin ones that I have. I prefer single column, but the double columns make this slim and easy to tote around! Reaching for this Bible makes me smile; it smells great, it feels great and it is a joy to read. This particular Bible is a true value at its price. Thanks for the review.

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