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4 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Blog Near You…

  1. It looks gorgeous… amazing, although I do not think I will have access to it for a long time. 😦

    But as far as this premium edition is concerned – I already have a longing for it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    1. I got the Tyndale Select in black goatskin this week. Quite beautiful. As for other premium NLTs… (1) Schuyler will release their Caxton NLT next week (available for pre-order at, which is actually exactly the same text block as the Tyndale Select version, but available in more colors and with a few better features (such as a calfskin liner and better ribbons). (2) Allan also has the NLT1 in black and brown (which won’t last long)–my wife has the purple and its is an amazing Bible. (3) The last premium NLT of which I’m aware is the Cambridge Pitt Minion (also a great Bible).

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