Top Three Premium NASB Bibles for Christmas 2015 (plus one)

P1050862Riding on the heels of my “Top Five ESV” post, perhaps some of you are now wondering, “What is the best NASB Bible out there?” To be clear, this is a list of the top three available NASB Bibles, not including the notable editions that are now out of print (i.e. Lockman’s calfskin, USA-printed editions from the early 2000s).

3. NASB Reader’s Reference Edition (R. L. Allan & Son)

P1050876 P1050836Middle-of-the road in terms of book-size and font-size, this features a 10 point font set in two columns. What distinguishes it from the other two on the list is the verse by verse layout (as opposed to paragraph). Also, This the NASB R1 is considerably stiffer than the others, but it will limber up with use. Incidentally, I love the crimson cover paired with the blue liner and ribbons.

2. NASB Clarion Reference Bible (Cambridge) …click for my review

P1010247 P1010379The most portable on the list, and by some standards, the most readable. Featuring 8.75 Lexicon font, set in a single column, this doesn’t read much smaller than the Allan (#3). The character per line count is optimal, and the leading is right– a fine choice, thin paper notwithstanding.

1. NASB Quentel Reference Bible (Schuyler) …click for my review

P1040851 P1020444My photo features the ESV edition, but the NASB looks the same. This is the most attractive typesetting of the three, set on the most opaque paper, in the largest font, and wrapped in arguably the nicest binding. The flip-side?– It is also the largest book.

Honorable Mention: Cambridge Wide-Margin …click for my review

Yeah yeah, maybe this should be #1! But the smaller font kicks it to “Honorable Mention” for this reviewer. My opinion on this one may change in the morrow.


I won’t drag this on, as I did in my ESV post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ll leave you with this gallery of comparisons.

And lest we get lost in leather-bound English-Bible luxury, please remember to pray for translations in the remaining 1,859 Bible-less languages in our world. Click here to see my heart on the matter and to even support the work of Bible translation.


2 thoughts on “Top Three Premium NASB Bibles for Christmas 2015 (plus one)

  1. Just a quick note to say thank you for posting these reviews. I haven’t got to read this one yet, lots to do with Christmas being this week. However I’m looking forward to sitting down with cup of coffee and spending time reading this review. (however I might have to lock my credit card away first)

  2. NASB is my younger son’s favorite translation. I’m seeing your reviews several years late, but for others who are also still viewing them, I’ll add the Personal Size Quentel to your list (as I’m thinking you’d probably agree). I ordered one for him, and was very impressed with it. Same font and layout as the larger Quentel, but a very readable 8.5 pt. size print and a compact hand held size book. I was surprised, but I could easily read it, and I usually need larger print.

    I enjoy your reviews; thanks!

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